Damaged Brackets Michigan

Your garage door has many moving parts. Many of these components are very small and seemingly insignificant and are often overlooked. This can be very dangerous, as even the most minor parts of the garage can cause severe damage to the door, resulting in a partial or complete replacement of the garage door. Our team understands this, and that is why we offer repair and replacement of all small garage door parts, including the garage door bracket. If you think your Michigan garage door bracket is broken or needs to be replaced, contact our office today for a free inspection and estimate.

The garage door bracket is the part that holds the garage door arm to the door. The other end of the arm connects to the pulley in a traditional garage door opener. When the garage door is opened, the garage door arm is what lifts the door off the ground. In general, garage doors are weighty. When the arm begins to pull the door, a great force is exerted on the support itself. Over time this can cause the screws to loosen, and when the screws do loosen, you risk the entire bracket coming apart from the door.

One of the reasons why garage door brackets get separated from the door so often is that most of them are not properly reinforced.

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Our company provides garage door support reinforcement plate installation services here in Michigan. The plates distribute the force needed to open the door over a larger section of the door so that the garage door bracket does not pull the total weight of the door. Most manufacturers do not install these plates, but the doors have a warning label indicating that they must be reinforced.
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