Is your house prepared for a Hurricane Approved New Garage Door? There are many things to consider before a storm arrives that could threaten your home and business. First, do you have an emergency plan in place? Consider buying a Hurricane Approved garage door for your home and review the features. Then, get a list of the items you should be securing before a storm hits and before the rains come.

Secure Your Carpets – If your home has carpeting, there is a good chance it will be ruined in a severe Hurricane. Many homes have either shag carpets or other kinds of fabrics on their garage floors that are easy to stain and tear. These fabrics are also easy to clean when needed. Invest in a heavy duty floor protector to protect your carpeting and other expensive flooring. This can prevent water and wind damage that may happen after a covered garage door has been damaged by hail or high winds.

Secure Your Swings and Pedals – Your garage door swings open on a track and hinges. These are not strong structures, so they could easily be torn apart by wind and other forms of precipitation. Consider reinforcing these areas with bricks, wood, or metal to ensure they can withstand a strong impact. Also, consider buying a new garage door that comes equipped with security hardware such as dead bolts. This will provide a safe environment for your family during a Hurricane.

Repair All Floors, Walls, Cabinets and Shelves – Hurricane water could completely destroy any building material, including the siding of a home. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and cabinets. It is important to secure all cabinets, shelves, doors, windows and other interior areas. Secure flooring as well to prevent water from seeping into the living spaces.

Maintain Water Drainage – Hurricane conditions are always unpredictable, but you should have a plan in place to deal with storm surges should they occur. There are many ways to reduce water runoff, such as using rain gutters. You should also consider the proper drainage systems for your particular neighborhood and follow them closely to prevent damage.

Provide Shelters and Baskets – When a neighborhood experiences a hurricane, people often take their vehicles out of the garage during the storm. This provides valuable space that can be utilized for storage, or as a place to stack things that will not necessarily need to be moved around during the recovery process. Storing boxes out of the garage can also help protect it from wind damage, which will ultimately shorten the time it takes to recover your possessions. Adding extra protection for your garage will also help to prevent future issues associated with hurricanes, such as increased insurance premiums due to damage.

Install Windows and Wood Panels – If you do not already have hurricane-rated windows and doors, you should install them to ensure that your garage is safe and sound during a hurricane. These new structures will give you a better view of the outside environment and will also provide you with a better alternative to leaning your head towards a wall in order to peer inside. Wood panelling can also be a very effective way to provide protection for your garage from wind damage. Wood does not absorb the same amounts of wind loads that concrete does, so it will not cause the same structural issues that concrete does.

A hurricane is an unpredictable event. You should make preparations ahead of time for any eventuality, including preparing your garage for a hurricane. By purchasing a hurricane-rated new garage door, you will be taking precautions to protect your home from the devastating consequences that a hurricane may bring. You should also take proper safety precautions and have plenty of hurricane preparedness supplies on hand, in case a hurricane does arrive. If your garage is already built, consider upgrading to a hurricane-rated structure to ensure the best possible safety for yourself, your family and all of your belongings.

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