Remote Problems Michigan

There are several reasons why your garage door remote won’t work or is malfunctioning, and to help you identify these reasons; we’ve listed them down below for you!

The remote control battery is dead

A common reason garage door remotes start to malfunction is because the batteries are dead. Try holding the remote control next to the garage door motor unit. If it still doesn’t work, then you know the battery is already dead. If your remote has an LED light, it should light up when you press the button. Otherwise, the battery in your remote control is dead. If this is the case, please replace the battery, and if your remote is still not working, please contact our company to have your remote replaced.

Your remote is experiencing RF interference

If your garage door remote doesn’t seem to work when you press it, you may be experiencing RF interference. When this happens, your garage door will not receive the signal from your remote control, and there is likely RF interference. Often, motion detectors, home alarm systems, and electronic gaming systems are behind this. It is best to immediately contact the expert technicians at our company to verify the problem.

Your garage door system needs to be reset

Essentially, your garage door system works a bit like a computer. Sometimes computers have problems, and a simple reboot can fix them. The same is true for your garage door system; to reset the receiving system, try unplugging the unit for about a minute and then plugging it back in. Once you’ve done that, try using the remote again. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time you contact our team.

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