Slow or Noisy Door Operation Michigan

Sometimes, we encounter problems with our garage doors, and one of them is that they’re slowly opening and making noises. This is a common problem that every homeowner faces, and just like any other garage door problem, it can be fixed!

Slow and noisy garage doors (when opened) are a nuisance, as they can cause uncomfortable noises that may attract negative attention towards you, and you don’t want that to happen.

A noisy garage door occurs because there is a problem between one or more of the many parts that connect it. If this is the case, garage door repair is on the horizon, although it can be beneficial to know before this repair begins what makes the garage door slow and noisy. Here are some of those reasons:

● Balance problems
● Loose connections
● Problems with the opener
● Roller factors

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We know that having a damaged or broken garage door is not just an inconvenience. It is a threat to the safety of your home and can also be a danger to you and your family.

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