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Garage doors are a fundamental part of your home: as one of the main entrances, they open and close at least 1,500 times per year.  In order to make sure that your door is safe, reliable, and efficient every day you use it; we specialize in commercial and residential garage service throughout the Walled Lake, Michigan area – from installation through maintenance! Always remember that the installation and maintenance of your garage door is one of the most important aspects to ensure safety in your home. 

Here are some things that may indicate trouble: warping or misalignment of springs; sagging sections on top panel; protruding nail heads near hinges. If one of these issues sounds like something you’re experiencing then don’t hesitate to call us – many times we’ll come out for an inspection same-day so there’s no down time waiting around while our team works hard repairing whatever needs mending back together again!

We also provide free job guarantees and project estimates for your convenience. This is not the only service we offer, because our company offers many other services to help you with all of your garage door needs! Our team of professionals can fix or install a new one if need be. Have an existing installation that’s giving trouble? We’ll come out right away to take care of it at no extra cost so that any inconvenience will just become a distant memory before long!

Residential Garage Door Services

New garage doors for your home can provide increased ease and comfort in day-to-day activities. Not only will you have an improved living space, but your house’s value may also increase as well! Our team has a wide selection of high quality options to choose from that are not just durable, but beautiful too! We make sure each door is rigorously tested against extreme weather conditions so it lasts long and provides the right kind of protection necessary for any environment. For even more convenience, ask one of our professional staff about building improvements such as energy efficient windows or seamless insulation which could save you money on utility bills down the road.

When you’re sick of dealing with your old garage door, come to Residential Garage Door Services Walled Lake, Michigan. Enhance everyday comfort by upgrading to one today. For additional functionality ask about our building improvements like energy efficient windows & insulation packages

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Does your garage door need a tune-up? Garage Door Maintenance Services Walled Lake, Michigan specializes in performing preventative maintenance for residential and commercial customers. During our routine inspection, we will test the safety of all moving parts to reduce injury risks as well as lubricating them so they move more smoothly with less noise. We’ll also visually inspect any wear or corrosion that may have been caused by weather conditions like rain or snow before applying an oil sealant to keep it sealed and safe from future damage.

Garage door maintenance is a complicated task that can not be ignored. No matter how much time you have invested in your garage door, or the amount of money it costs to purchase and install it, if you don’t maintain its functionality properly then any benefit gained from installing one will go down the drain!

Easy breezy garage door maintenance. We take care of everything for you so that your focus can be on the important things in life: 

Breathing, sleeping and eating!

Reliable Garage Door Repairs

Metal garage doors are one of the most popular types, but they can be prone to dents and rust if not properly taken care of. We provide a variety of metal repair services including replacing panels or door tracks for long lasting durability in your home. 

Wooden garage doors often have scratches from outside debris such as dirt, pebbles and tree branches that find their way inside when opened too quickly with no effort made at closing it gently after use. 

One of the most essential parts to your home is its garage door. It protects all sorts of items from burglars, and also provides a barrier against windy weather for those living in cold climates, or scorching heat waves elsewhere. On top of that it can provide shelter during extreme storms like tornadoes and hurricanes!

It’s crucial any time we experience one of these terrible events such as harsh winds or severe rainstorms-or anything else you might encounter on a day-to-day basis really -that our driveway gate be functioning correctly so that when things calm down again everything inside will remain safe too. For this reason I highly recommend having reliable repairs done by professionals who know how to handle things precisely with care at Reliable Garage Door Repair Walled Lake, Michigan.

Our team will replace any parts needed so you’ll never need to worry about these problems again! We are the trusted provider of quality and affordable garage door repairs in your area. We will get you back on track with a reliable, durable solution for any issues that may arise!

Replacement and Repair of Commercial Doors

You know how important a door is to your business, especially an overhead one. That’s why you should call us for any commercial door needs you have in Walled Lake, Michigan. We provide high-quality products and services that are sure to meet the standards of even the most discerning customer!

Doors aren’t just used as entrances – they’re also there when all fronts close after hours or on holidays, providing security from potential thieves who might try their luck at breaking into your place while nobody’s home or if it isn’t well lit outside during nighttime hours. Our company understands this and can help with various types of doors depending on what type of industry you operate out off; whether it be a restaurant, warehouse facility like Home Depot where people often need

Trust our qualified technicians to perform repairs on any type of garage door problem. Our services include repairing misaligned panels, broken rails, and worn hardware that can cause larger problems down the road. And by using a comprehensive maintenance service every 3-6 months you can save money in repair costs and extend your lifespan for years!

To keep your door running smoothly while saving time and money we offer commercial doors with extensive warranty coverage. Beyond just fixing damaged parts like detached panels or broken rails, an annual inspection will ensure everything is functioning as it should be so if there are issues they aren’t ignored until too late. Contact us today if you need help finding what will work best in any setting!

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We offer a wide variety of garage door repairs and installations to fit every need for your home or business. Trust our company with the work you can’t do yourself – call today!

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